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My upcoming week o’ fun…

I’d already mentioned that I was going to be a keynote speaker at Web Directions Unplugged here in Seattle on May 12th; I’ll also be presenting a session titled “Building Web Apps for Google TV” with my cohort Daniels Lee at Google I/O earlier that week, and then to wrap up the week, I’ll be driving up to Vancouver to do a keynote presentation at Northern Voice (a personal blogging and social media conference).

So May 10th-14th is gonna be a busy time. 🙂

Just to make it even more entertaining for myself, each of the three presentations are nearly entirely different. The Google I/O presentation is on the pragmatic side of building Web applications for the TV space; my Web Directions Unplugged keynote is a higher-level talk on the convergence of devices on the Web platform. And finally, my keynote at Northern Voice is a retrospective of the growth of the Web, from my first days at NCSA to its current state. It’s going to be a whirlwind week, but I can’t wait – I’ve really missed doing more public speaking.

One thought on “My upcoming week o’ fun…

  1. Very good presentation at Northern Voice (and nice talking to you there). Really excited where the next year or so would take us considering the shift to HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0 and all the goodies that come with them.

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