Fun times ahead at SXSW 2011

I’m happy that I’m going to SXSW again this year – although, partly due to my job transition, I won’t be speaking on any panels this year (maybe next year I’ll get to be on the Browser Wars panel again :P).

There are two events that I’m helping run, though – The League of Extraordinary Hackers, presented by Google, and SuperHappyDevHouse. The former is a series of lightning talks covering Google APIs, tools and services, including a talk on Google TV given by yours truly, along with a developer lounge for more low-level talks and discussions with Google peeps. The latter, for those unfamiliar with SuperHappyDevHouse, is an evening of hacking and revelry, including a LEGO MINDSTORM contest.

So, of course I’ll be there talking up the living room platform, and hooking web developers up with Google TV. Hope to see you there, and around SXSW!

2 thoughts on “Fun times ahead at SXSW 2011

  1. maybe next year I’ll get to be on the Browser Wars panel again 😛 Who was the guy with the slide where “war” was crossed out? 😉

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