speaking engagements

My upcoming week o’ fun…

I’d already mentioned that I was going to be a keynote speaker at Web Directions Unplugged here in Seattle on May 12th; I’ll also be presenting a session titled “Building Web Apps for Google TV” with my cohort Daniels Lee at Google I/O earlier that week, and then to wrap up the week, I’ll be driving up to Vancouver to do a keynote presentation at Northern Voice (a personal blogging and social media conference).

So May 10th-14th is gonna be a busy time. 🙂

Just to make it even more entertaining for myself, each of the three presentations are nearly entirely different. The Google I/O presentation is on the pragmatic side of building Web applications for the TV space; my Web Directions Unplugged keynote is a higher-level talk on the convergence of devices on the Web platform. And finally, my keynote at Northern Voice is a retrospective of the growth of the Web, from my first days at NCSA to its current state. It’s going to be a whirlwind week, but I can’t wait – I’ve really missed doing more public speaking.