About Chris Wilson

This is the personal blog of Chris Wilson, Open Web Guy, formerly of Microsoft and now working as a Developer Advocate at Google.  (Former Platform Architect of the Internet Explorer team, among other storied historical items.)

photo of Chris Wilson
Seattle , WA , 98115

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12 thoughts on “About Chris Wilson

  1. IE7 in Windows Vista SP1 + all updates seems less responsive than older versions because when the browser doesn’t respond the Aero freeze effect doesn’t appear for the most of times. So the Windows remains locked and the UI is not freezed by Aero’s freeze effect. Did you changed some timers in IE7 or in Aero? I think the old timers were better.

  2. Пока успел прочитать только эту одну заметку, если и все остальное также хорошо, то автору респект 🙂

  3. yeah his about page is a _great_ place to talk about the IE. *lowers his head*
    Well, you made it out of the team, grats, nothing more to blame you *grin*

  4. Hi Chris,
    I was wondering if I could have a few minutes of your time to discuss some engineering opportunities available with one of our clients in your area. I saw your profile on Linkein and I feel you would be a great fit. I can be reached at (800)323-1352ext.491. Thank you.

  5. My name is Daniel Smith and my company is Cors, Incorporated. One of our clients is seeking engineers and managers in the Seattle/Kirkland area to work in areas of technology such as Search, Ads, Research, Mobile, Server/Platforms, etc. I saw your profile online and I feel that you would be a great fit for what they are looking for. I was just wondering if I could have a few minutes of your time to see if you or anyone else you might know would have interest in hearing about these opportunities. I can be reached at (800)323-1352ext.491, or I can be contacted via email.
    Thank you.

  6. I was wondering where you sent all the spam messages… (Did you ever peer Building Window tinting? Was it as good for you as it was for him?) Just dropped by to snag a photo of you – was looking for a bio too but apparently…

  7. Hi Chris,
    it’s me again…i just found i mistyped your name last time…apologize!
    i’ve successfully played the music. It’s time to visualize it. And that’s when i come across another problem: the freqData array i gain is always full of item 0. Do you have any clue?

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