ground rules

Ground rules for commenting on my blog

For my own benefit, I’m going to define the rules a little differently than on the IE Blog, or than my previous blog.

  1. No obscenities.
  2. Don’t be a dick. I get to violate this one if I feel like it, though I shouldn’t; but then, it’s my blog.
  3. If you want to make snide comments about Microsoft, I invite you to do them on your blog. If you’d like to offer constructive criticism – say, about how we can all move the web forward, and what different action you’d want from Microsoft to make that happen – I’d love to hear it. If you just want to bitch, or your post falls into the category of “personal abuse,” I will delete it.
  4. If you’re obviously just trolling past – say, if you enter an obviously fake email address with a snide comment – I will probably delete your comments. I look at this pretty much every day; I don’t need that.

That’s it.Β  I don’t expect commenters to be Microsoft fans; I do expect you all to be civil and have good intentions of making the web better.Β  So far I’ve only deleted one comment – I feel pretty good about that.

15 thoughts on “Ground rules for commenting on my blog

  1. Ok, fair rules.

    First question. (since this is the TOTD on the IE Blog)

    Do you personally view/read the submissions on IE Feedback on Connect? And/or do you receive a filtered list of issues?


  2. Please, whatever you do don’t practice censorship. 😦 If you truly believe your opinions are stronger, let those who differ from you still voice their opinions — if they’re just trolling, their stupidity will make others ignore them, anyway.

    But if you still want to practice it — it’s your blog, aye, and no one can stop you. I, however, won’t be reading it knowing that its comments are censored (I make a point of avoiding blogs like this).

    I was really looking forward to reading your blog too, since I was anxious to read posts from a programmer inside Microsoft, since I believe that too often the human side of their programmers is ignored amongst all the anger directed at the company.

  3. @mdmadph – I don’t intend this as censorship. I have no problem with people expressing opposing opinions, or negative opinions of Microsoft or myself. However, when those opinions cross the line into simple abuse, I find that it affects me personally in a negative way. On my own personal blog, I don’t have to take that abuse, and I will delete it. This is my house. I want it to be an open one, but that doesn’t mean I want someone screaming obscenities in my house.

    This does not, by the way, affect the policy on the IEBlog – which is pretty much just “no obscenity, no impersonation of people.”

    I don’t intend to block people – or require logins, or anything silly like that – and I’m happy for people who have had their comments deleted to re-comment in a more respectful manner.

    In short, respectful interaction is all I’m demanding here. Censorship of points of view is most definitely NOT my goal.

  4. Chris,

    I’ve tried several times to move my LINKS tool bar up beside the MENU toolbar. (IE> Tools/Toolbar/Unlock Toolbar). I then position my toolbars as I like, then lock them back (as above). This is great, until the next time I open IE, when it goes back to the default format. Can I not set my toolbars like I’d like?

  5. Ah a new blog with rules. I must behave myself…….!

    I can suggest a few ways that MS can move the web forwards. First is to make IE8 a standalone browser. I know your masters may not like that prospect but seriously you must make every effort for this to happen Chris.

    I would like to ask you how much development time percentage wise has been spent making the meta and mode switches work? Considering that IE8 best standards mode still has some funky missing content bug, I would say the extra burden of mode switching has taken valuable time away from the IE team in making a browser that can render CSS correctly .

    I know you did ask for no negative commenting but the whole concept of having a foot on both bases (Quriks ~ Standards) has always held back the web. This issue can only be forever solved when IE is a standalone browser and all implementers work together for the common good of the web and society.

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  9. Sorry! I don’t know whether my Comment is appropriate.
    Because I want to ask your a question about BHO in IE 7.0.
    If you don’t want to answer, it doesn’t matter.
    The scenario is to obtain the commandIDs of IE’s menus and buttons.
    I try to get the windows message of that commands, such as WM_COMMAND, but I’m not sure that the message I trapped is and only is the commandIDs of IE’s menus and buttons.
    For example, I trapped the command WM_COMMAND and command ID is 2345, can I judge that this is the “open new tab” command?

    my email :

    Best Regards

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