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Chromium’s Blink announcement

In case you haven’t seen the news yet, the Chromium project is building and releasing a new open source web rendering engine based on Webkit, called Blink.

This is all goodness, in my opinion.  It will make Chromium faster and more stable, it increases the diversity in the rendering engine space, and best of all, the Chromium team has already put in place strong guidelines for new features that will help mandate standards focus, openness and interoperability.

Along with many others, I was sorry to see the browser engine space diminish with the loss of Opera’s engine, Presto, and I believe Blink will help improve that engine diversity – while maintaining a strong focus on continuing to improve interoperability.

As someone who saw first hand how a web platform monoculture – even the well-intentioned aspects of it – affected the web platform the first time (or two :), I’m excited by the strong investments in getting this right from my colleagues in the Chromium project.

To learn more about Blink visit our project page. As always, feel free to engage me personally, here, on Twitter, on G+, or in email.


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