Seven Things About Me

I was tagged for the “seven things about me” meme by my friend Daniel Glazman.

  1. I’m painfully shy. No, really, I am. I’m uncomfortable taking up the sales clerks’ time. Fer reals, yeah. Public speaking took a little while for me to be comfortable with, but somehow after the first couple of times of getting up in front of a hundred+ people, it’s not hard anymore. But I still don’t like calling people on the phone, because I always feel like I’m interrupting them.
  2. The hair DOES mean I was in a rock band. Before our daughter was born, I played in a band, in which my wife was lead singer. Bonus points if you can tell me 1) what instrument I played, and 2) what instrument I was actually trained on.
  3. And speaking of the hair – I wear my hair long for two reasons: 1) My mother always cut my hair when I was a kid and a teenager, and since she was the one with the scissors, she got to cut it whatever length she wanted. I’m still rebelling against that.  For her part, she still says “you know, I still have the scissors…I could just give you a little trim…” every time I see her. 2) I’m just too lazy to go get it cut. It’s been six years or so since my last haircut. I’ll probably try dreadlocks before I ever get it cut short.
  4. My wife and I don’t own a microwave. We had one in the apartment we lived in when we got married, and when we moved to Seattle, we just never got one. We really don’t miss it, despite tons of people expressing incredulity that we could have a young child and NOT have a microwave. (Note this is probably national – Americans love their microwaves.) We keep a tea kettle on the corner of the stove at all times.
  5. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer back in 1996, which is why I have the scar across the base of my neck. Thankfully, thyroid cancer is the kind you want to have if you have to have cancer, because it’s very treatable, but I do have to take thyroid hormone replacements daily.
  6. I actually started my career working on a pioneering open source project – NCSA Telnet. It gave me some grounding in the good sides as well as the challenges of open source; but despite this, I don’t actually believe open source is always the right answer.
  7. However, I DO believe being open about goals, priorities and plans is nearly always a good idea.

Anyhow, tagging people – hmm.

  • MsCyra because she needs to get out more. 🙂
  • PEte LePage because, well, just because.
  • My cousin Tim because he pointed out I hadn’t blogged in the two-week timeline.
  • Molly because, well, we can ALWAYS use new anecdotes from Molly. And I miss seeing her more often.
  • Matt Crowley because I’m gonna drag the IE team out in public one at a time if I have to.
  • Arun from Mozilla because I’ve gotta reflect some love back at my Mozilla friends.
  • Geoffrey Sneddon because he’s crossed me one time too many. 🙂 (Okay, not really, he’s got at least a few dozen crossings left.)

8 thoughts on “Seven Things About Me

  1. Re:#7 “I DO believe”… any chance you can convince MSFT MGMT that this is the correct approach?

    I’d love to know where IE is going (and fixing) before it gets there (or fails to get there).

    E.g. If I knew that SVG wasn’t even on the roadmap for IE9 I’d be less disappointed when I didn’t see it in the IE9 RTM.

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