4 thoughts on “Moving my blog here.

  1. i’ve read the ground rules and hope i’m not violating any here! i’ve always personally found dark backgrounds with light text extremely difficult to read (especially when the text is small and not bold-lettered), and the current color scheme here is no exception. for the benefit of myself and others with gimp eyes like mine, i’d like to request that you provide a greater contrast between the background and font colors and make the font a little larger so poor saps like me can actually read your site. i also can’t even see where the text boxes are, requiring me to tab around on the page until i hit a cursor icon, which is interesting to say the least!

  2. cj, of course you’re not violating any rules!

    Yeah, I’ve gotten less excited about the color scheme over time. I’m going to try to spend a bit of time over the holiday weekend to redesign a little.

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  4. I have had to replace my harddrive. I loaded IE8 but had to go back to IE7 which I used before because one of my suppliers’ page menues would not work with IE8. I am having problems saving pictures from the web. I get an error message about mshtml.hlp which in my searching found that it never existed. I never had this problem before. Is there a fix?

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